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Voorhees High School's Cross Country and Track & Field Booster Club

Train Harder, Race Faster

Train Harder, Race Faster

Train Harder, Race FasterTrain Harder, Race Faster

Meet our coaches


Coach Jeff Capone

This is Coach Capone's 5th season as the Head Coach of the Voorhees Boys Cross Country team and his 37th year coaching high school sports. He has also coached football, wrestling, track and field and girl’s basketball. He has previously coached at Hunterdon Central, North Hunterdon, Delaware Valley, and Hillsborough. He has coached numerous athletes that have played at every level in their sport. "What I enjoy the most about coaching," Coach Capone states, "Is getting kids to reach their highest athletic level. To accomplish things they didn't think were possible." 


Coach Matt DeRobbio

Hello, I am Coach DeRobbio. I am a 2001 graduate of Glen Rock High School in Bergen County, NJ and a 2005 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, where I received a degree in Secondary Education/Social Studies. I am presently working on my Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I began my teaching career here at Voorhees in 2006. I am presently in my seventh year as the head girls' cross country coach and was previously the head girls’ winter and spring track coach as well. I have two children of my own. My son Liam is seven years old and my daughter Autumn is two. I personally believe that participating in athletics at the high school level enables students to not only better manage their time, but also teaches them the value of working with others on a team to accomplish goals. I am looking forward to this 2019 season because of the level of commitment each member of the team has already shown.


Coach Dave DeWolfe

Before he joined Voorhees in spring 2019, Coach DeWolfe had fourteen years of XC/T&F coaching experience at Hillsborough High School, Gill St. Bernard’s School, and Delaware Valley High School. He has coached many Skyland Conference, Sectional, and Group champion teams and individuals, as well as several cross country MOC medalists.  He coached the Star Ledger “Runner of the Year” in Girls Cross Country. Coach DeWolfe has been named the Courier News Coach of the Year, New Jersey State Coach of the Year and the Northeast United States Coach of the Year. Coach DeWolfe ran XC and track for Hillsborough High School, Stony Brook University and Mizuno Northeast.

XC Training & Tips

2019 Boys' XC Practice

Beginning the 17th, Saturday practices will be on the Columbia Trail in High Bridge, from 7-9am.  

Starting on Monday, Aug. 19, weekday practices will be from 3:10-5:30pm at the high school. If there are any questions, please contact Coach Capone at


2019 Girls' XC Practice

Beginning the 17th, Saturday practices will be on the Columbia Trail in High Bridge, from 8-10am.  

Starting on Monday, Aug. 19, weekday practices will be from 3:10-5:30pm at the high school.

 If you have any questions, please contact Coach DeRobbio at


Boys' Meet / Event Schedule Fall 2019

Sept. 7 - Cherokee Challenge, Cherokee HS, Marlton, NJ

Sept. 21 - Thompson Park Class Meet @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ Sept. 28 -Bowdoin Classic, Bowdoin State Park, Wappingers Falls, NY

Oct. 5 - New Balance Shore Coaches Invit. @ Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ 

Oct. 10 - Hunterdon Warren Sussex Championships @ Phillipsburg Athletic Complex 

Oct. 12 -  Fall Classic @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ 

Oct. 17 - Skyland Conference Championships @ Phillipsburg Athletic Complex 

Oct. 19 - Booster Club Car Wash, 8am, VHS parking lot

Nov. 6 - Freshman / JV Championships @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ  

Nov. 9 - Sectional Championships @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ

Nov. 16 - Group Championships @ Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ

Nov. 23 - Meet of Champions @ Holmdel  Park, Holmdel, NJ

Dec. 5- End of Season Banquet

Meet times will  follow.

This schedule is not final and may change, so check back weekly!


Boys' Pasta Party dates


Please choose a date to host a pasta party!

Pasta parties are a chance for the boys to load up on their carbs the night before a meet. Parents sign up the week before to donate food and you just cook the pasta and host the meeting. It's a great way for the team captains to get their runners motivated for the race and helps to build team spirit. They are quick, usually only lasting about 60 minutes, from about 6pm to 7:00pm. All runners are expected to attend and  pasta parties take precedence over football games!

So pick a date from below and email Tim  Minor at and we will update the list of dates each day!

Boys' Pasta Party Sign-up Genius link


Please click on the button below to donate items for the Boys' pasta parties. This link will be updated soon in advance of the first party.

Girls' Meet / Event Schedule Fall 2019

Sept. 7- Roxbury XC Invitational @ Horseshoe Lake Park in Succasunna, NJ  6:15 AM

Sept. 13 - Battle at Ocean County Park @ Ocean County Park, Lakewood, NJ  3:30pm

Sept. 21 - Thompson Park Class Meet @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ     10:00 am

Sept. 28 Six Flags Safari Invitational @ Six Flags, Jackson, NJ 9:00am

Oct. 5 - New Balance Shore Coaches Invit. @ Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ 9:00 am

Oct. 10 - Hunterdon Warren Sussex Championships @ Phillipsburg Athletic Complex 

Oct. 17 - Skylands Conference Championships @ Phillipsburg Athletic Complex 1:00pm

Oct. 19 - Booster Club Car Wash, 8am, VHS parking lot

Nov. 9 - Sectional Championships @ Thompson Park, Jamesburg, NJ 10:00am 

Nov. 16 - Group Championships @ Holmdel Park, Holmdel, NJ  9:30am

Nov. 23 - Meet of Champions @ Holmdel  Park, Holmdel, NJ  11:00am

This schedule is not final and may change, so check back weekly !!!


Cross Country uniform


Singlet / Running Shorts

Athletes must wear the team's uniform to participate in all races. Uniforms will be issued at the beginning of the season and must be returned at the end of the season. Take good care of your team issued uniform. If you lose it, you will have to pay for it!

Other gear

Your feet are important! Make sure you have proper running shoes and socks. A general rule of thumb for running shoes is they last about 400 miles or one cross country season. For proper fitting, go to a running store and ask for assistance. If you tell the local running store you run for Voorhees, most give a discount.

XC Spikes
Spiked shoes can also be purchased to wear when competing. Since most races are held on grass and dirt, spiked shoes can help with traction and speed. A spiked shoe has five to seven metal spikes inserted into small holes on the forward part of the shoe. When buying spiked shoes, make sure to purchase a distance running or cross country pair. This shoe should have a medium to thick-cushioned heel.

Spirit Wear

A link to athlete and parent spirit wear will be available in time for the first day of school.

What is Cross Country?


Cross country is a team sport of long distance running. Practices and races are usually held on an open terrain consisting of woods, fields, and hills. Terrains differ for each race.

What distances are normally run?

 Most of our races will be 5Ks. The National Federation of High School Associations has set a minimum of distance of 2.5 kilometers ( a little less than 1.5 miles) and a maximum of 5K (3.1 miles).

How is cross country scored?

  • Cross country is different from most sports because the lowest score wins. The boys race is separate from the girl’s race. Varsity races are separate from JV races. Varsity events are run with a maximum of seven athletes per team. Some JV events are open and allow more runners.
  • The places of the first five athletes on each team are added together to determine the team score. The sixth and seventh runners contribute by finishing ahead of other teams’ top five runners and increasing their scores.
  • In the event of a tie with another team, the sixth athlete’s places are compared to determine the winner (some states will compare the fifth runner.)
  • It is important for the team to finish as close together as possible. For example, a finish of 1,3,4,6 and 83, (a score of 97) will lose to a team finishing 16, 17, 19, 21, and 23 (with a score of 96).

Cross Country Meet Information

Meets are normally scheduled on Saturday mornings. Meets may last a few hours or all day, depending on the organization and number of entries. All athletes are encouraged to watch and cheer on their teammates run in other races before or after their race. Athletes typically arrive at meets at least one hour prior to their race so they have time to warm up. See the meet schedule each week for specific information.

Most meets will have four races, usually 30 minutes apart. The four races are varsity boys and girls and JV boys and girls.

 The head coach will select which athletes will run each week in which races mostly based on their performance from the last race(s). Athletes selected to run in the varsity races at the region and state meets are those athletes who have typically shown the most consistency throughout the season.

What to Bring?
Pack your bag the night before a meet! Wear your Voorhees singlet and shorts under your sweat pants and sweat shirt. Be sure to pack your running shoes, racing spikes, an extra pair of shoes for after the race, extra socks, watch, dry clothes, a drink, snacks, etc.

Transportation to/from meets
Transportation for athletes to/from meets is provided by the school.   

Every athlete on the team is expected to ride the school bus to and from the meets.  You can only leave a meet with your parents/guardians if you have a travel release form signed by the athletic director and your parents.


Runners will stretch and do a “cool down” run with their teammates shortly after finishing the race. They can change into dry clothes at this time if necessary. Runners are encouraged to stay for the awards session upon the conclusion of the race, too. It’s fun for our team to be rewarded after training well!


  • Cross country is not the typical spectator sport because spectators cannot see the entire race from one location.
  • Spectators may want to pick their spot(s) prior to the race start for best viewing of the race.
  • Spectators are encouraged to help cheer on all Voorhees athletes.
  • Come dressed in Voorhees apparel to identify yourself as a VHS supporter and show your school spirit!
  • Parents may also want to bring a comfortable chair to sit in while waiting for the races to begin. Look for the VHS team tent or flag to identify the team’s staging area.
  • Bring your camera. Photos of all athletes are compiled on our team Flickr site, and volunteer photographers are always invited to contribute photos.
  • Abide by parent code of conduct.

Advice for successful training

Coaches Capone, DeRobbio and DeWolfe offer the following information for successful XC training:

  • Prior to beginning any running or exercise program, make sure your physician approves.
  • Pay special attention to the ground when running in the park. Most sprained ankles occur when you are not paying attention. Many running injuries occur as a result of deterioration of the athlete’s running shoes. Shoes that have deteriorated may cause the runner to suffer shin splints, stress fractures and other leg, ankle and/or foot ailments.
  • One of the most common injuries in sports is a stress fracture. A stress fracture is an overuse injury that occurs when muscles become fatigued and are unable to absorb added shock. Eventually, the fatigued muscle transfers the overload of stress to the bone causing a tiny crack called a stress fracture. Stress fractures often are the result of increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too rapidly. They can also be caused by the impact of an unfamiliar surface or improper equipment (shoes). Many times a runner who does not run during the summer is injured by increasing his/her training too rapidly in the fall. The likelihood of a stress fracture increases as bone mass decreases. Therefore, all runners should eat three regular meals, snacks and maintain a healthy diet. If a runner believes he/she has a stress fracture, he/she should see a doctor as soon as possible. Usually the best treatment is rest. Please follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Anemia has also been a problem that runners need to be aware of. Anemia causes a decrease in the number of circulating red blood cells or insufficient hemoglobin. Anemia will negatively interfere with a runner’s athletic performance. Some signs of anemia are: decreased performance when running at a maximum pace; tiredness; weakness; and paleness. Maintaining an adequate iron intake can help prevent anemia that is related to exercise. Please consult with a doctor if you believe you might be suffering from anemia. The athlete’s ferretin level should be tested as well as his/her hemoglobin level. Ferretin levels give a truer indication of a person’s iron levels. Follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during and immediately after you finish training. The most important hydration time is the day before a meet. A muscular athlete is mostly water. Avoid drinks with caffeine or carbonation.
  • Get between eight to ten hours of sleep each night.
  • A determined and scheduled bed-time each night is imperative to the well trained athletes success.
  • Year-round training consistency is important also.